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Cage Free Voices Theatre is experiential learning at its best, bringing the classroom to the stage to provide opportunities for communities to experience growth and development by addressing deeply-rooted issues that wear at the heart and soul of emotional ecosystems.

Actors are a vital component of the CFV Theatre Department. We are consistently seeking new talent of all ages to share their voice on the stage. Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to expand your resume, we have opportunities for you. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming performance, please submit an audition form below. 

Cage Free Voices Children’s Theatre is an innovative International program designed to give young writers, actors, singers, and artists a safe space to create and perform.

We partner with professionals from all areas of performance to give our students the best opportunities in Theatre exploration.

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Special Theatre Camp

The John F. Kennedy Center Reach Center CFV Livestream Actors' Workshop

CFV Playwrights, Poets, and Performance

(Student Producers for Adult Actors)

Cage Free Voices Playwrights, Poets, and Performance will inspire the best and brightest children as they create original works to be produced and performed by our Cage Free adult artists. This collaborative effort inspires the voices of our youth to write with purpose as they will have the opportunity to witness their ideas realized on the stage. Students under the age of 18 will participate in a dynamic camp and intense writer’s workshop that will culminate with their works being formatted for live theatre. Select students will be involved in the full production process from writing, planning, auditioning, directing, and producing their piece. CFV will select a cast of talented local artists to attend the Kennedy Center Page to Stage 2021 Project to fully realize the vision of the Cage Free Voices Playwrights, Poets, and Performance Students. We believe that brilliance begins with a spark. We at Cage Free Voices will ignite that spark and watch it turn into a flame of performance that cannot be extinguished.

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