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Cage Free Voices Virtual Tutoring Services

Cage Free Voices Tutoring is interest-based and personalized learning. We value your child’s passions and therefore allow the co-creation of learning plans that not only reflect your child’s needs, but what peaks their curiosity. CFV offers customized virtual tutoring in reading, and math with embedded components of science, and history.

CFV offers reading services for students who may not have received all the tools necessary in primary school to succeed, the adult learner who wants to freshen up a bit, and the beginner who is eager to get started.

Tutoring Packages

Package 1

$12.99 / Mo.
  • Have a question about a lesson? Enjoy live chat with one of our Cage Free Instructors.
  • Access to Articles/Jingles
  • Access lessons that highlight student interest, character education, and the performing arts.
  • Choose our annual billing option to save 46%

Package 2

$160 / Mo.
  • Includes One-on-One Sessions each week with an instructor
  • Online Sessions-All Inclusive
  • Lessons, Jingles, and one-on-one or group sessions with one of our Cage Free Instructors.
  • Cage Free Fridays gives students an opport­unity to connect with other students who are enrolled in our program through various methods of social interaction. Every Friday, stude­nts can participate in one of the following live sessions: Cage Free Voices Wellness, Theatre, and more.

Package 3

$5.99 / Mo.
  • Access to Academic Jingles ONLY
  • Have a question about a lesson? Enjoy live chat with one of our Cage Free Instructors.
  • Learn while traveling.
  • Enjoy our Hip-Hop Jingle library as we cover topics such as Photosynthesis, Thermodynamics, The Cold War, Main Idea, Quadratic Equations, and more.

Enterprise Solutions

For schools or other large organizations, please contact us for special rates for bulk student registration. All standard packages above cover access to Cage Free Voices Online Learning’s premium content for usage by one user account and cannot be shared with more than one household (no more than 5 people). 

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