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The Cage Free Voices Production and Managerial Arts Course focuses on the art of storytelling and capturing news through journalism, talent management, radio interviews, music creation, spoken word, digital broadcasting, and artistic performances.  This course serves as an enhancement tool for school districts but may also serve as a stand-alone course for homeschooling.  It is designed specifically for students in secondary school to assist them with entering the fields of journalism, broadcasting, and the workforce.


  • To help students demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills required to pursue the full-range of post-secondary education and career opportunities.
  • To have students elect and employ appropriate reading and communication strategies to learn and use technical concepts and vocabulary in practice.
  • To promote student occupational development and help students demonstrate use of the concepts, strategies, and systems for workplace application.


Objective: Once students have completed this 6–12-week course, they should have a working knowledge of the basic components of creative writing, performance, broadcasting, cultural competence, and more of an understanding of the world around them.  Learners will be empowered with practical ways to transition from behaving as a consumer to assuming emergent adult roles in the community while walking away with a richer awareness of their personal interests and abilities, how to make better choices, and ways to improve self-esteem as they advocate for others.

The Model: The virtual classroom is structured like a writing laboratory where students feel free to share their experiences and raise questions about varying social issues as they engage in discussions around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to identify the channel of choice.  While working alongside a partner –who will serve as the co-host of CFV Radio Network episodes–students feel compelled to support one another and learn from diverse cultures.

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Course Content

CFV Media Required Templates

  • CFV Media Templates

CFV Media Course Alignment Matrices

Performing Arts Pathway Module 1.0-Creatively You: Self-Image in Writing
1.1- The Looking Glass promotes a healthy and positive identity and body image while also equipping students with the opportunities to build relationships, writing skills required for the performing arts industry, and a greater sense of community.1.2- Dirty Situations introduces students to not only the performing arts, but helps them identify ways to use negativity as opportunities for growth and advocacy.

Performing Arts Pathway Module 2.0- Speaking with Authority (Performance)
Developing a Cage Free Stage Presence: Speaking with Authority prepares students for Cage Free Performances where they own the stage, connecting and engaging audiences to inspire and ignite change in communities.

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