CFV Neurodiversity Training (Required for all in-house instructors)

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About Course

Cage Free Voices is an international multi-service system that educates youth and adults who struggle with self-image and identity issues. CFV unlocks the maximum potential within children and adults alike by providing them with powerful learning experiences that are free from the constructs that characterize conventional school and college education. At Cage Free Voices, anyone can learn. With a neurodiversity approach to learning, students gain a sense of purpose, increase in literacy skills, and advance their global perspective.


Over the past few years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift with an uptick in parents homeschooling their children, institutions of higher learning dismantling the conventional constructs that have characterized education, and the heightened disillusionment of students who are presently a part of public and private schools.  Why?  Parents have grown weary and frustrated with the misdiagnosis of their children, the widening achievement gap, and student creativity being mistaken for behavior concerns.  Higher institutions of learning can no longer overlook the need for enhanced educational college curricula that consider the ever evolving 21st Century Learner.   Furthermore, we are discovering more about the human brain, its neuroplasticity and that there is no master key to unlocking all human hearts and minds.

Cage Free Voices, LLC acknowledges the changing educational landscape—as it pertains to technology and cultural norms—and the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits, taking a neurodiversity approach to learning to liberate students rather than manage them. Through our CFV Neurodiversity Training, instructors, parents, and educators alike are equipped with the tools needed to shift from classroom management to student liberation. This training helps participants shift from a perspective of learning deficits and disabilities to one of neurological differences such that all students may effectively interact with the world around them.

At CFV, we believe all students can learn and have incorporated Cage Free methodologies that will enlighten both teacher and student.

*This course is comprised of interactive sessions to include an assessment at the end of each session.*




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What Will You Learn?

  • Over the course of this three-day training, participants will:
  • Survey and evaluate the current educational landscape.
  • Reframe and redefine one’s definition of disability.
  • Recognize and record the strengths of neurodivergent populations.
  • Identify ways to differentiate online, hybrid, and in-person instruction that accommodates all learning styles, and
  • Modify, develop, and design lesson plans that consider various neurological differences.

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